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The width of the stripes of the Panorama carpet are always constant and they are not affected by the length or the width of the carpet. Instead, the length of the middle part varies according to the length of the carpet. The material is paper yarn, a material that does not gather dust or dirt, an important feature particularly for those allergic to dust. Woodnotes rugs tolerate humid conditions well and, due to the tight weave, they do not ignite easily. Woodnotes rugs are supplied with soil-repellent treatment, which makes it easy to care for them.

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Designed by Ritva Puotila
Materials: 86% paper yarn (weft), 14% cotton (warp)
Finishes: stone-white, black-natural, black-light grey, black-antique, graphite-light grey


*Carpets are supplied to order.

Max Width:   330cm

Max Length:   10m


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