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Philippe Nigro, creator of the Canisse Divano, has simultaneously created another product of contemporary furniture for Serralunga, which belongs to the same family: Canisse Poltrona An object of luxury furniture, Canisse Poltrona brings out the best in homedecor, both for outdoors and indoors. “”Rotational moulding technology pushed to its limit has helped create the illusion of that these rods merge together: some are longer, becoming the legs of the sofa. Arranged slightly irregularly, they sometimes separate, allowing you to see through them.”

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Designed by Philippe Nigro
Materials: LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) achieved by rotational moulding. UV protection. 100% recyclable, spun-dyed. High degree of mechanical strength and resistance to impacts.
Finishes: various Serralunga finishes available


Armchair   H: 31.5"   W: 38.75"   D: 34.75"   SH: 15.75"

Sofa   H: 31.5"   W: 68.25"   D: 34.75"   SH: 15.75"


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