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The principle for creating the basic shape of Grillage is very simple: a sheet of perforated metal is stretched to create a mesh, then folded, origami-style.. Grillage tells the story of its manufacturing process (stretching, folding, creasing); it reveals everything about itself, from how it was designed to how it was produced. Grillage - wire mesh - it's the way to achieve both comfort and ergonomics with an all-metal piece of furniture. It may be dressed with a special quilted covering for added comfort and a warmer look. Both versions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Designed by François Azambourg
Materials: perforated metal sheet, tubular steel; treated against corrosion with a cataphoresis treatment,
Finishes: white anti-rust lacquer; anti-UV polyester lacquer


Sofa   H: 28.25"   W: 61"   D: 27.5"   SH: 12.25"

Armchair   H: 28.25"   W: 39"   D: 27.25"   SH: 9.75"

Dining Chair   H: 34"   W: 20"   D: 23.5"   SH: 18.25"


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