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Are your products green/sustainable?
Our manufacturers are committed to eco-design and sustainability which results in:

  • Conforming to strict environmental criteria as part of the design when the product is being created, so that , the environmental issues associated with the product for the duration of its life cycle are identified.
  • Limiting the impact on the environment at the production stage
  • Designing the product in such a manner that the materials which they are composed of can easily be recycled.
  • Using materials for the furniture and upholstery that do not release gases or create toxic waste in the consumer's home.


When do you have sales?
"once a year 3 day sale" usually around the 3rd weekend of May. When you register with us you will be automatically notified of this sale as well as other important events.

Fabrics + Replacement Covers

Can you order replacement covers?
Yes, most of our designs have replacement covers, which may be ordered for as long as they are in production.

What are my fabric choices?
We offer a choice of more than 200 fabrics, 60 leathers and 80 colors of micro fibre fabrics.


What famous designers do you carry?
As our selection of manufacturers is also based on its diversity of designers we do represent a large spectrum of the most famous designers.

Please refer to our Designer's listing for more information.